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Debate is one of the best practices of EP, Satrinonthaburi School. We have been doing it for years and taking part in various competitions from district to national level. Our team have won debate competition at national level three years in a row; one as the second runner-up and the other two as grand champions.

Academic English Competition (Zone D) 2017
These competitions were held at Satrinonthaburi School for the secondary levels (21 schools) and Pratomsuksa Thammasat for primary levels (16 schools) on 17th August. The competitors were from 9 provinces from Nonthaburi to Singburi. There were 8 competitions for each level: Impromptu speech, Singing, Story telling, Science and Math Project, Spelling Bee, Skit and Multi-skills. Out of 16 competitions, our outstanding students could win 13 on the list and still looking forwards for the next regional competition which will be held on 3rd September in Chonburi.

21st-22nd August,2017
Every year, ASEAN QUIZ and SPEECH will be organized by Sukhothaitammatirat University in the first academic year which welcome the representative from school in Central part of Thailand to attend this competition. For this year, there were students from 34 well-known schools applied for the competitions.It was really a great chance for our students to show their potential again and we are proud to announce that our students got The Winner prize for ASEAN QuiZ and The first runner-up for ASEAN Speech.

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